Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage is a service available through Hands on Healing which offers massage for employers and employees. This mobile service is performed at the location of the company. A small office space is required, preferably something that offers privacy and is a warm and comfortable environment.

There are a number of benefits of offering massage in house to employers/ employees. Staff receive a relaxing massage which is revitalizing and energizing for their mind and body. This in effect allows them to be more balanced, therefore happier and satisfied within their workplace. Employers will see productivity rise, more self-motivated and focused personnel. It is a well known fact that employees who are happy within their workplace, are loyal, stay at the company longer, perform better, are more efficient and productive.

There are various plans which are available:

Bonus schemes  Massage is offered to selected personnel that exceed budget, achieve an outstanding performance, as an incentive
Regular basis  All staff receive a massage on a regular basis
Special events  A massage is offered prior to Christmas holidays, functions, events
Subsidised  Employers and employees share the cost
Appointment  Employers and employees pay their own

Massages can be arranged on a regular basis e.g Every two weeks on a Thursday morning, at a scheduled time or as required by appointment.

Group Bookings

Group Bookings are available within a radius of 120 kilometres from Leopold. A minimum of 5 hours is required for group bookings more than 50 kilometres from Leopold. Bookings in advance are essential and details of how many are attending and timeframes need to be provided prior to arrangement. Marie will then advise approximate times for the day and will provide all of the towels, oils, crystals etc. that are required, the massages may be for 1 hour or for ½ hour. Marie will determine from the numbers whether the massage table or massage chair is required.
Marie also has a selection of cards, reading materials tarot, runes, etc. that can be fun to experiment with whilst waiting for the massages to be completed.

Home visits

Home visits are available on an individual basis. There is an extra charge for travelling and setup time of $25 per massage. Discounts are available which is dependant on numbers and can be arranged on an adhoc basis.

Price List

30 minute Reiki $40
45 minute Reiki/Massage $50
60 minute Massage $70
60 minute Reiki Healing $70
75 minute Massage $85
90 minute Massage $95
Mobile service supplement  
1 person (offsite visit) $25
2+ people (per person) $20

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